Forestry & Arborist First Aid Kits & Trauma Dressings

Included in the contents of MediKit’s Forestry First Aid Kits are Advanced Wound Care Dressings and Tourniquets. These items are better suited when treating more severe wounds resulting from incidents involving chainsaw injuries and other agricultural incidents.

Operatives in agriculture and forestry are often located remotely, therefore MediKit’s Forestry Kits contain Eye Wash Solution which can also be used as a wound wash.

Our Forestry kits are available in a variety of sizes and can be supplied in Belt Mountable Bags suitable for Lone Workers, or in Shoulder Bags / Holdalls complete with more content to provide for larger working parties.

MediKit can also supply a Customised Kit with your specific choice of First Aid Content matched to your own risk assessment. These can be supplied in a wide variety of First Aid Bags and First Aid Boxes.

Please contact our sales team for more details.