Plasters and Adhesive Dressing

Our extensive range of plasters is sure to include the products you need. Some of our best sellers include the following:

  • Stretch Fabric Plasters: Ideal for wearers who need full mobility due to their lightweight, high-stretch fabric.
  • Premium Elastic Fabric Plasters: The heavy weight Premium Elastic Fabric Plasters are expertly designed for unmatched durability and sticking power to provide long-lasting reliability.
  • Wash Proof Plasters: Sterile, assorted-sized hypoallergenic waterproof plasters with superior medical-grade adhesive to protect you throughout life’s busy moments. They are gentle and safe to use on children’s skin and won’t cause irritation.
  • Clear Wash Proof Plasters: Clear waterproof plasters mould to the body and feel like a second skin to provide discreet wound care. Hypoallergenic and highly flexible and can be worn in the shower protecting the wound as it heals.
  • Hypoallergenic Blue Plasters: This range is professional-grade metal detectable and highly visible for complete legal compliance in catering environments.
  • Leukoplast Blue Plasters: The Leukoplast Blue Plasters are detectable in three ways:
    • X-Ray by tungsten filaments
    • Visually with the blue colour
    • Metal detectable as they contain aluminium

Additional benefits

  • Waterproof & resistant to oils and fats
  • Skin friendly adhesive provides a comfortable barrier against cross infection.


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