First Aid Instruments, Equipment & Accessories

Scissors and Tweezers are useful items to have when dealing with first aid and medical procedures and provide for quick, easy application and disposal dressings.

First Aid Instruments
Scissors, Tweezers, Thermometers, Stethoscope,

First Aid Equipment
Oximeter, Syringes, Blanket, Foil Blanket

First Aid Accessories
Syringes, Cotton Buds, Cotton Wool Balls, Kidney Dish, Eye Bath, Breath Test, Pen Torch etc.


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Foil Blankets

£1.73 (EX VAT)

Kidney Dish

£4.07 (EX VAT)

Pen Torch

£9.35 (EX VAT)


£16.44 (EX VAT)

First Aid Badge

£3.79 (EX VAT)