COTEC - Finger Protection Tape

Where it is not practical to wear gloves, Cotec Finger Protection Tape is an ideal alternative. Cotec is designed to protect fingers and hands from cuts and abrasions without sacrificing dexterity or flexibility.

Cotec is made from a high quality cotton gauze, and has a micro-fine cohesive coating. It is very popular with the wearer as it is non-adhesive and will not stick to hair, skin or clothing; the tape only sticks to itself and leaves no residue or colour stain when removed. It is non-allergenic and is easy to apply and painless to remove. The tape stays cool and dry even in hot and wet conditions.

Cotec tape is typically used in many industries including:

  • Electronics
  • Plastics Industry
  • Coil Winding
  • Industrial Textiles
  • Boot and Shoe Trade
  • Sports
  • Metal Working
  • Glass Handling
  • Paper and Packaging
  • Assembly Line Workers

Supplied in a pack of 12 rolls approximately 50mm x 27m in length. Available in Green or Blue.