Bio Hazard Clean Up Kits & Sharps Disposal Products

MediKit’s range of Body Fluid Clean Up Kits provide a safe, hygienic solution to cleaning body fluid spills which helps reduce the risk of cross contamination in public areas. Ideally suited for use in all public areas.

The Sharp Disposal Containers are fully compliant with ISO23907-1:2019 and UN3291. They are supplied in a wide selection of sizes suitable for personal use, and for medium to high usage in all healthcare sectors. Also suitable for use in public areas.

Our range of Sharps Disposal Kits include items to enable safe handling of clinical waste, used needles, blades and various harmful substances. The contents include disposable tweezers and/or mechanical grabbers which provide the workforce with increased protection against needlestick injuries and reduce the risk of infection when handling used and contaminated items.


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HexArmour Gloves

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