Biohazard Body Fluid – 5 Application Clean Up Kit

£68.07 (EX VAT)

These Body Fluid Spill Kits are ideal for small body fluid spills. Our five application kit contains x5 of the content listed below.



The Biohazard Body Fluid Clean Up Kits are ideal for small body fluid spills. They’re available in 2 or 5 application kits, or choose our 1 application refill pack.

Box Dimensions

  • ( 300mm x 220mm x 75mm )

Our biohazard body fluid clean up kits are also easy to add into a first aid kit or to replenish existing body fluid spill kits.

Each kit includes

  • Disinfectant: A broad spectrum viricide, bactericide and fungicide, also highly effective against micro-organisms. (Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi)
  • Super Absorbent Granules: A fast acting, sugar absorbent powder due to it rapidly congealing and deodorising fluid spillages
  • Clothing: Polythene Over sleeves, Aprons, Disposable Gloves, Bio-Hazard Bag, Plastic Scoop and Scrape.
    Wipes: Non-woven wipes and an antiseptic wipe

Please also see our range of sharps disposal and sharps handling kits. We also provide a kit that combines the two. Our biohazard combination kit includes both sharps disposal and body fluid clean up kits in one handy kit.