Vehicle & Motoring First Aid Kits – BS 8599-2 Compliant

The range of Motoring First Aid Kits BS 85992-2 Compliant are available in either a first aid box or PU/Nylon bag. These kits are suitable for cycles, mopeds, cars, commercial vehicles, minibuses or coaches. The choice as to which kit you require is dependent on the number of passengers.

  • Small Kit: 1-3 Passengers e.g. mopeds, motorcycles and tricycles
  • Medium Kit: 1-8 Passengers e.g. cars, taxis, commercial vehicles
  • Large Kit: 1-16 Passengers e.g. minibuses, small buses

Vehicles carrying more than 17 Passengers will require 2 Large Kits, and multi-level vehicles may require more than this. Available in a box complete with clip in wall bracket or alternatively, a first aid grab bag.

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