Choose from our range of resuscitation products, ideal devices for adding to our first aid kits.

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  • Pocket Face Mask

    Pocket Face Mask

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    This pocket CPR facemask has a one-way valve and directional diaphragm which allows no backflow of air or contaminants from patient to rescuer.

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  • Resusciade Face Sheild

    Resusciade Face Sheild

    This oval shaped mouthpiece is designed for a good fit within the patient’s mouth and has a one-way valve which minimises the risk of contamination with the patient’s body fluids.

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  • Reusable Adult Resuscitator

    Reusable Adult Resuscitator

    This reusable adult resuscitator is 100% latex free and completely autoclaveable to 135 and is made from pure, clear, durable silicon with a textured grip.

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  • Single Use Adult Resuscitator

    Single Use Adult Resuscitator

    This single patient use resuscitator ensures there is no risk of patient cross contamination.

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