Vacuum Immobilisation Mattress

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Vacuum mattresses are more comfortable for the patient and adapt to all forms of injury.

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The Vacuum Immobilisation Mattress is a medical device used to immobilise patients. Especially useful for cases where operators suspect vertebra, pelvis or limb trauma. The Vacuum Mattress, also known as vac mat, is useful for transporting patients over short distances and act as a stretcher.

Not only are vacuum mattresses more comfortable, they can adapt to all traumas and ensures the patient is held securely. The vacuum mattress can be perfectly adjusted to the shape of the body, lowering the risk of secondary injuries. Using a vacuum mattress distributes pressure more equally which leads to lower risk of pressure ulcer formation.

How to Use a Vacuum Mattress

Place casualty on the mattress, preferably using a scoop stretcher or spinal board. Continue to wrap and fold sheet against the body. Ensuring the head keeps clear and the valve is at the feet of the casualty, pump air until the mattress is rigid. The valve is then safe to close and you can fasten the straps.


  • Safely adjust the stretcher to be soft or hard using the dual action pump
  • Compatible with X-ray and MRI examinations
  • Constructed from isolative and cold resistant PVC
  • Complete with Carry Bag


  • Head width: 80cm
  • Middle width: 88cm
  • Feet width: 80cm
  • Length: 200cm
  • Weight 10kg
  • Complete with Carry Bag

HSE guidance clearly states employers have a legal duty of care towards their employees. This includes arranging equipment to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if an injury occurs at work. If your assessment of needs suggests your work place has a risk of causing head, neck and spinal injuries, it would be worth considering a vacuum mattress or other immobilisation devices.


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