Sterile Quick Fix Finger Bandages – Multipack 10

£5.63 (EX VAT)

The Quick Fix Finger Dressing is quick and easy to use which can be applied with just one hand. The dressing is unmedicated and attached to a stretch fabric bandage.



The Sterile Quick Fix Finger Bandages Multipack 10 are a quick and easy way to dress finger injuries. These dressings can even be applied with one hand. The dressings are unmedicated and have a stretch fabric bandage attached to secure the dressing in place. The product has an adhesive strip at one end to secure in place.


  • ( 3.5cm x 3.5cm )

The dressing itself is with an additional 15cm bandage.

Additionally, each finger bandage is sterile and individually wrapped.

These dressings are a key component in the latest BSI BS8599-1 first aid regulations.

Suitable as a replacement item for all first aid kits, supplied in multipack of 10 ideal for back up stock.

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