Sterile Eye Wash Solution 20ml Pods

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This sterile saline eye wash solution is supplied in 20ml pods.

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The Sterile Eye Wash Solution 20ml Pods are useful for a smaller incident saving the bigger bottles of eye wash for more serious incidents.

The eye pods have a twist off top for quick and easy application. The size of the sterile eye wash solution 20ml pods mean the solution is easy to direct on the irritation. The pods flush the eye thoroughly in case of emergency.

  • A topical solution containing Sodium Chloride BP 0.9% in purified Water BP
  • The 20ml sterile eye wash solution can be used for a minor incident
  • For irrigation only
  • Not for injection
  • Also suitable for use as a wound wash

This box contains x25 pods.

For more serious incidents we advise having access to 500ml bottles of sterile saline solution. Any workplace without access to running water must provide at least two 500ml bottles of sterile saline solution in case of emergency.

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