We’ve all read about and seen natural disasters, even tragedies caused by human error, occurring all too frequently. Some situations can lead to casualties being stranded in difficult to reach areas such as in mines, on cliff sides or instances of higher profile rescue missions such as the Thailand cave rescue in June 2018.

Highly trained teams of brave search and rescue men and women risk their lives on rescue missions on a daily basis globally. But what is the best equipment to use in these unforeseen events? Read on to find out more about MediKit’s Rescue and Evacuation Range.

Neil Robertson Stretcher

What is a Neil Robertson Stretcher?

The Neil Robertson stretcher is the industry standard, the design ensures maximum stability when transporting people with injuries. Specifically used for rescue missions to recover persons from cramped and confined spaces, the unique spliced slat design allows flexibility whilst also providing security to the patient.

Neil Robertson Stretcher

When would you use a Neil Robertson Stretcher?

The Neil Robertson stretcher was initially used on ships being the perfect design for accessing tight spaces such as cargo holds, and pump and boiler rooms through small hatches or doors.

The slat design allows the stretcher to be completely folded up which is ideal for accessing victims in confined spaces or even simply for storage. The slats are sewn into a rigid canvas and the injured person is held securely in place during lifting with several retaining straps.
Why choose a Neil Robertson Stretcher?

Maritime law has said for every lifeboat on board a ship there should be the same number of Neil Robertson stretchers provided.

Often the stretcher of choice in difficult rescue situations, this product is popular with the Royal Navy, Merchant Navy, Mining, Industry and Emergency Rescue Services.

Basket Stretcher & 2 Piece Basket Stretcher

What is a basket stretcher?

Basket stretchers are one of the most hard-wearing stretchers making them suitable for lifting, carrying and even dragging. Our basket stretchers are available complete or alternatively we can supply a 2-piece version making storage easy.

Basket Stretcher

When would you use a basket stretcher?

Both our basket stretchers are supplied complete with lifting harnesses and sling equipment. This makes the stretchers suitable for use with winches for safe evacuation of a casualty from difficult to reach areas.

Basket stretchers are often the stretchers of choice for sports clubs such as football and rugby.
Why choose a basket stretcher?

Our basket stretchers have durable fittings enabling operators to work rapidly and safely. Both stretchers have adjustable feet, safety belts and mattresses. These stretchers are also fire resistant and have a high resistance to everyday wear and tear.

Basket Stretcher 2 Piece

Breakaway Scoop Stretcher
What is a Breakaway Scoop Stretcher?

A breakaway scoop stretcher is specifically used to move injured people with suspected spinal injury.

Breakaway Scoop Stretcher

When would you use a Scoop Stretcher?

The stretcher easily splits into two parts and then fits back together again. When split in two, the stretcher can be scooped under the patient with minimal disruption, reducing the risk of unwanted movement and the potential further injury.

This critical feature makes them ideal for moving patients with suspected spinal cord injuries.

Breakaway Scoop Stretcher

Why choose a Scoop Stretcher?

Our scoop stretcher is firm, lightweight, easy to clean and operate. Scoop stretchers are ideal for lifting a patient with potentially serious injuries. For comfort and safety reasons, we recommend transferring a patient to a Vacuum Mattress for transportation as this product provides more support and stability to the injured person.

Vacuum Mattress

What is a Vacuum Mattress?

The vacuum mattress is a medical device used to immobilise patients. Especially useful for cases where operators suspect vertebra, pelvis or limb trauma.

Vacuum Immobilisation Mattress

How to use a vacuum mattress:

Place casualty on the mattress, preferably using a scoop stretcher or spinal board. Continue to wrap and fold sheet against the body. Ensuring the head keeps clear and the valve is at the feet of the casualty, pump air until the mattress is rigid. The valve is then safe to close and you can fasten the straps.

Why choose a Vacuum Mattress?

Not only are vacuum mattresses more comfortable, they can adapt to all traumas and ensure the patient is held securely. This vacuum mattress can be perfectly adjusted to the shape of the body, lowering the risk of secondary injuries.

Additionally, using a vacuum mattress distributes pressure more equally which leads to lower risk of pressure ulcer formation.

Vacuum Immobilisation Mattress

Operators can safely adjust the stretcher to be hard or soft using the dual action pump. Additionally, our vacuum mattress is compatible with both X-Ray and MRI examinations.

Spinal Board

What is a Spinal Board?

The Spinal Board is a patient handling device primarily used to provide rigid support for a suspected spinal injury because they limit unwanted movement.

Spinal Board

When would you use a Spinal Board?

These boards are ideal for carrying patients after sustaining injuries requiring spinal immobilisation.

We advise spinal boards are used to transfer patients and for a vacuum mattress to then be used for transportation because of concerns with pressure sores and patient discomfort.

Why choose a Spinal Board?

Our spinal board can also be used in conjunction with our head immobiliser which further limits spine and neck movements and helps to prevent further injury. The spinal board is an economic way to provide equipment for the occurrence of a severe spinal injury.

Head Immobiliser

Patient Transfer Sheet

What is a patient transfer sheet?

Our patient transfer sheet is a foldaway sheet with several handles to aid patient transfer.

Patient Transfer Sheet

When would you use a Patient Transfer Sheet?

Ideal to safely move a patient quickly and with minimal effort, for example, moving an injured person from a stretcher to a bed. Depending on their condition, the patient may be gently rolled to one side allowing the sheet to be placed underneath them.

Why choose a Patient Transfer Sheet?

Our patient transfer sheets are a cost-effective way to provide transfer equipment in the event of an emergency. The sheet unfolds from a compact storage bag into a large sheet with multiple handles aiding operators and patient transfer.

HSE guidance clearly states employers have a legal duty of care towards their employees. This includes arranging equipment to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if an injury occurs at work.

If during your assessment of needs you identify a risk for potential issues with evacuation or rescue processes, such as multilevel buildings, small confined working areas or simply high-risk workplaces where serious injuries have the potential to occur, it is worth seriously considering providing products from our range below.

Basket Stretcher

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