• Travel Powder Fire Extinguishers
  • 2kg ABC Powders (WG10126)
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Travel Powder Fire Extinguishers

Our 1.0kg and 2.0kg travel powder fire extinguishers are supplied complete with a heavy duty travel bracket, securing the cylinder of the extinguisher safely in place during transportation.

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Our range of travel powder fire extinguishers can tackle most fires involving wood/paper, flammable liquids and electrical fires.

The 1.0kg and 2.0kg travel powder fire extinguishers come complete with a heavy duty travel bracket.

The metal arm of the bracket holds the cylinder tightly in place and prevents the fire extinguisher from coming lose during transport. This  can be particularly useful in cabins of lorries and commercial vehicles where movement needs to be restricted.

They are also effective on vehicle fires making it a great extinguisher to have in the car or van. Our 2.0kg travel powder fire extinguisher is the best choice for a van or small commercial vehicle whereas 1.0kg travel powder fire extinguishers are great for cars and caravans.


  • Approved to BSEN3
  • Kitemark, LPCB and MED approved
  • Holds 5 year guarantee
  • Multi-purpose application
  • Corrosion resistant finish
  • Includes transport bracket
  • Squeeze grip operation

We also supply these extinguishers in larger sizes.


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