Tourniquet Quick Release Buckle – Green

£1.35 (EX VAT)

Efficient, comfortable Quick Release Tourniquet, ideal for medical procedures, featuring a one-hand operation, automatic release, and latex-free design.



Quick Release Tourniquet: Swift, efficient, convenient.

The Quick Release Tourniquet, a versatile and essential tool in the medical field, is designed to enhance both patient comfort and procedural efficiency. This product, perfect for nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals, is an invaluable asset in various settings, particularly during blood sampling. It stands out for its one-handed operation, allowing for a smooth and uninterrupted process. The tourniquet’s quick-release buckle ensures immediate removal, making it not only efficient but also patient-friendly. Its design minimises pinching, catching, or jamming, prioritising patient comfort at every step. This tourniquet is an excellent addition to any workplace first aid box, particularly useful in environments where blood samples are frequently taken, such as hospitals, clinics, and care homes. Its stretchy, non-pinching material comfortably wraps around the arm, ensuring effective constriction without causing discomfort. Compact and easy to store, it is an essential tool for a wide range of medical tasks.