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Instant Ice Pack

These single use Cold Packs are easy to use and are a size that can be accommodated in a sports first aid kit.


An essential item for all those playground bumps and grazes…

A single use instant ice pack is easy to use for treatment of sprains and abrasions.

Also, our instant ice pack is the ideal size to include in a first aid kit for sport or general purpose.

Ideal for on the spot therapy for sprains and bruising or muscle injuries.

The crystals inside activate by firmly squeezing the cold pack.

How to apply:

  • Twist the ice pack to turn ice cold
  • Apply to bruising, abrasions, swelling, strains and muscle injuries for instant cold relief.

The ice pack can be wrapped around an affected area because the bag provides room to move the granules along.

These ice packs are an ideal addition to any first aid kit.

Often used to treat sports injuries, you may wish to view our full range here.

For more information on First Aid in Schools we advise referring to the Department for Education and Employment‘s helpful guide which can be found here.


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