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Emergency Foil Blanket Kit

This kit contains 100 emergency foil blankets supplied in a first aid grab bag hold all.


Our emergency foil blanket kit is the ideal provision for large events, workplaces and public places. The kit contains 100 individually wrapped emergency foil blankets all supplied in a first aid grab bag holdall.

The holdall makes the blankets easy to transport in case of an emergency. The bag comes with handles and also a shoulder strap .

The emergency foil blanket kit is easy to store and transport making it perfect for accidents, evacuations and even sporting events.

Foil blankets can also called survival blankets. They are commonly used for the first aid treatment of shock and hypothermia.

The foil blankets measure 2.1m x 1.3m.

HSE guidance clearly states employers have a legal duty of care towards their employees. This includes arranging equipment to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if an injury occurs at work. If your assessment of needs suggests your work place has risks which could affect lots of employees, it would certainly be wise to consider supplying a suitable kit.

To view our full range of incident first aid kits, click here. 


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