• Foil Blankets Multipack 10
  • Foil Blankets - Multipack 10
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Foil Blankets Multipack 10

This single use emergency blanket is ultra-insulating keeping the patient warm and comfortable whilst pending treatment or evacuation.


Foil blankets multipack 10 are single use and disposable emergency blankets. They are ultra-insulating which keeps the patient warm and comfortable whilst pending treatment or evacuation.

These foil blankets are the perfect size to include within the first aid kit. This opposed to cotton cellular blankets that might be more suited in the first aid room.

Emergency foil blankets are ideal for protection against cold, rain, heat and wind. Also known as space blankets, they help treat and prevent hypothermia.

Suitable as a replacement item for all first aid kits, supplied in multipack of 10 ideal for back up stock.

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