First Aid Equipment

Choose from our comprehensive range of first aid equipment for use in first aid rooms or as additional content within your workplace First Aid Kits.

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  • Cotton Wool

    Cotton Wool

    Highest grade absorbent cotton in a range of styles and sizes for dressings and wound care.

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  • Fire Marshal Armband

    Fire Marshal Armband

    The fire marshal armband is to be worn so people can effectively identify the fire marshal within your workplace.

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  • First Aid Armband

    First Aid Armband

    The first aid armband is to be worn so people can effectively identify the first aider within your workplace.

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  • First Aid Badge

    First Aid Badge

    This first aid enamel badge is to be worn so that the first aider in your workplace can be easily identified.

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  • First Aid Blanket

    First Aid Blanket

    This thick cotton blanket can be used for covering patients, to elevate limbs or as a pillow under a patient’s head.

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  • First Aid Helmet Sticker

    First Aid Helmet Sticker

    Adhesive sticker to clearly identify a first aider on helmet or other headwear necessary for site safety.

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  • First Aid Scissors

    First Aid Scissors

    A range of scissors to suit every application

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  • GDPR Accident Record Book

    GDPR Accident Record Book

    These accident record books are compliant with the Data Protection Agency and the HSE guidelines which came into effect from 1st January 2004.

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  • Kidney Dish

    Kidney Dish

    This kidney dish is a disposable container and is ideal for catching patients bodily fluids.

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  • Metal Eye Wash Bracket

    Metal Eye Wash Bracket

    The metal bracket is suitable for mounting in the workshop or inside commercial vehicles where the 500ml solution can be secured.

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  • NF Breath Test - Twin Pack

    NF Breath Test – Twin Pack

    This breathalyser kit is NF Certified & Approved for single use and complies with all necessary requirements to legislation effective from July 2012.

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  • Pen Torch

    Pen Torch

    This pen torch is the ideal item to include within any sized first aid kit or to carry around on its own. It is compact and lightweight with multiple uses.

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  • Stethoscope


    For use in the detection and amplification of sounds associated with various organs of the human body.

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  • Syringes


    Quality disposable medical syringes for the precise and controlled administration of required substances.

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  • Tweezers


    A range of tweezers to suit every application

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  • Vomit Bags

    Vomit Bags

    Easy to open disposable vomit bags are lined and supplied flat.

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  • Wooden Tongue Depressors

    Wooden Tongue Depressors

    Wooden tongue depressors are ideal for oral examination and patient care.

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  • Plastic Eye Bath

    Plastic Eye Bath

    This bath has a soft, curved design so the eye can be fully immersed.

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