Evacuation and Rescue

Browse our comprehensive evacuation and rescue first aid kits range of products, designed to provide the best care and comfort for patients whilst also ensuring employers meet the necessary requirements for evacuation in the workplace.

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  • Breakaway Scoop Stretcher

    Breakaway Scoop Stretcher

    This folding Scoop Stretcher is firm, lightweight and easy to clean and operate.

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  • Cervical Collar

    Cervical Collar

    This foam cervical collar is used for cervical injuries requiring non-rigid support and limited mobility. It can also be used as an aid for the relief of pain associated with neck muscle or whip lash.

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  • Head Immobiliser

    Head Immobiliser

    The head immobiliser is made of high-density, plastic material and contains large ear holes for monitoring the patient’s ear canal.

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  • Patient Transfer Sheet

    Patient Transfer Sheet

    This patient transfer sheet is to be used for safe transportation of a patient, quickly and with minimal effort.

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  • Spinal Board

    Spinal Board

    The Spinal Board is made of PE material with no discharge contaminator and firm to wear.

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  • Folding Stretcher

    Folding Stretcher

    The Duo-Fold Stretcher requires minimum storage space when not in use and folds both horizontally and vertically into the compact dimension shown below.

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  • Evacuation Chair

    Evacuation Chair

    Our Evacuation Chair features an advanced tracked design allowing use by one operator, reducing health and safety concerns during use and allowing smooth decent of stairs.

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  • Wheelchair


    Ideal as a part time wheelchair, these chairs also prove very popular in nursing homes, hospitals and public areas.

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