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Mediana A15 HeartOn AED Defibrillator Bundle Pack

Having a defibrillator close by increases chances of survival of cardiac arrest by up to 70%.


Having a defibrillator close by increases chances of survival of cardiac arrest by up to 70%.

Supplied with a protective outer cover
Switches on automatically when opened
Defibrillator pads are constantly connected and ready for use
A combination of LED indicator lights, visual icons and clearly spoken audible voice prompts, make the AED safe to use even by untrained persons
Simple flip switch sets the machine to either Adult or Paediatric, the pads are suitable for both situations
The battery is a disposable LiMnO2 Non-Rechargeable version with two years shelf life, and an amazing five years standby life

This Mediana defibrillator bundle pack includes the following:

Mediana semi-automatic Defibrillator
SD Card
AED Prep Kit

Contents of the AED prep kit includes:
1 Cleansing Wipe
1 Clinical Waste Bag
1 Disposable Razor
1 Gloves (Pair)
2 Hand Towels
1 Resusciade
1 Heavy Duty Clothing Shears


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Mediana A15 HeartOn Defibrillator
Waveform Biphasic Truncated Exponential (BTE) Waveform (impedance compensation)
Energy(50) – Paediatric) Adult: 180 to 200J
Pediatric: 45 to 50J
Charging Time Less than 12 secs
Pacemaker Pulse Detection
Operating Mode Semi-Auto
Lead (RA, LL)
Patient’s Impedance 25-175 ohm
Heart Rate 20-300bpm
VF/VT Detection Yes
Analysis Time 8-13 sec
Display Speed
Storage 2 Years
Cable Length 1.8m
Type Disposable LiMnO2, Long-Life Primary Cell
Storage 5 Years
Discharge 200
Monitoring Min 10 hrs
Voltage 15V, 4200 mAh
Operation 0-43°C
Storing Condition (-20  to 60°C)
H x W x D (mm) 240 x 29 x 95
Weight with Battery 2.65kg
Data Backup & Comm SD card, IR communication port, event review PC software
Indication Action Icon, Status LCD, Voice prompt, CPR indication
Warrenty 5 Years

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