Cotec Finger Tape

Cotec finger tape protects fingers and hands from cuts and abrasions, popular for all kinds of purposes such as industrial processes, jewellery making even goal keepers use it! Furthermore, our finger protection tape sticks to itself and provides superior levels of protection, available in blue or green.


The safety tape is an aid designed to help prevent minor hand, wrist and arm injuries in a wide variety of work situations. It is non-allergenic and made from a surgical grade gauze.


Cotec tape is non-adhesive so will not stick to hair, skin or clothing. The tape only sticks to itself and leaves no residue or colour stain when removed.

Cotec tape has many uses, including: Electronics * Plastics * Coil Winding * Industrial Textiles *Boot and Shoe Trade * Sports * Metal Working * Glassware * Paper and Packaging * Sheet Metal Assembly

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