• Blue Detectable Plasters
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Blue Detectable Plasters

These plasters are highly visible and metal detectable. They provide a bacteria barrier and allow the skin to breathe.

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Blue detectable plasters are highly visible and electro magnetically metal detectable. Furthermore, they provide a bacteria barrier and allow the skin to breathe.

The law requires that food processors and anyone handling food must use blue dressings. With a medical grade, high-tack adhesive, these dressings are better than the rest at staying put and not entering the food chain, which is extremely costly from the point of view of a establishment’s reputation, and also halts the production line.

Blue Detectable Plasters are:

  • For food manufacturers and food preparation
  • Hypoallergenic and washproof
  • Complies with food and hygiene regulations – SI1990 No.1431
  • Metal detectable
  • Sterile as individually wrapped
  • Comfortable to work in

The plasters are individually wrapped ensuring a decrease in the risk of infection and are also hypo-allergenic.

If you handle food, then ensuring the safety of your products and your customers is a major priority.

Available in a range of sizes

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