• Prestan Professional Manikin Faceshields

Prestan Professional Manikin Faceshields

This product is suitable for a Prestan Professional CPR/AED manikins available in Infant, Child and Adult sizes.

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The Prestan Professional Manikin Faceshields are for use with the Pretan Professional Manikins. These are available in Infant, Child, and Adult sizes. The faceshields are ideal for use in CPR training classes where there are more than one student per manikin. This gives the student protection whilst still allowing them to have a realistic experience. The face shield is placed over the face of the manikin which allows each student to practice CPR.

All sizes are in packs of 50.

Features of the Prestan Manikins include:

  • Realistic looking and acting manikin
  • Easy to transport and set up
  • Easy to insert face shield and lung bag
  • Face shield is secured, no need for adhesives
  • Full chest rise and lung bag ensures students receive the most accurate and realistic training by observing a true chest rise
  • Face/head tilt demonstrates how to open the airway during CPR
  • Clicker mechanism demonstrates how to administer adequate compression’s

In addition to the above, we also supply the Prestan Professional Manikin Lung Bags.


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