• Orvewrap+ Emergency Blanket

ORVEWRAP+ Emergency Blanket (Case of 30)

Our passive warming blanket has been designed and developed with clinicians and medics to keep and maintain patients normothermic within a clinical setting.

Improving patient comfort and outcomes perioperatively whilst optimising operational and cost efficiencies.


Developed for the emergency services, first responders and the military, the ORVEWRAP+ Emergency Blanket helps to protect the patient as soon as assistance arrives.

Hypothermia is a major contributor to morbidity and mortality within trauma patients. ORVEWRAP+ will help by alleviating this heat loss and allow the patient to begin to return to a normothermic state without introducing an active heat source.

ORVEWRAP+ can be pre-warmed in preparation and remain with the patient throughout the whole pathway – assessment to hospital admittance or discharge.


  • Size: 200 x 150cm
  • Compressed packaging for ease of storage
  • Can be cut to size without damaging its integrity, as long as the majority of the thermal pockets in direct contact with the patient remain intact

Ideal for:

  • Emergency services, first responders and the military