How to treat chemical eye burns

How do you treat chemical burns in eyes?

After eye or skin contact with acid or alkalis, it only takes seconds before pH values are altered. This could cause corrosive damage and may lead to permanent injury.

On contact, you should neutralise acid and alkalis to a pH value equal to a normal level for the eye or skin. This ought to happen immediately using a specifically sourced chemical eye wash kit.

Ordinary water or standard 0.9% sodium chloride will only provide a limited degree of dilution. Because of the weak dilution, eye flushing time is also increased.

A phosphate buffer eye wash chemical formula, such as Redcap™, neutralises acid and alkalis quicker.



Chemical burns to the eyes require immediate medical treatment


How long should you rinse eyes after contact with a chemical?

15 – 20 minutes is the recommended amount of time you should wash your eye following a chemical burn. However, all chemicals react in different ways with varying degree of effects. For this reason, it is always advised to seek medical help immediately.


Which chemical eye wash kit should you use?

We supply Redcap™ acid and alkali eye wash and skin flush which is a phosphate buffer solution.

Redcap™ Phosphate Buffer Solution has a neutralising effect. This reduces the flushing time and the volume of fluid required to dilute and neutralise acid and alkali splashes*.

Furthermore, neutralising a splash quickly, especially on the face, can relieve the distress of feeling ‘underwater’ from flushing.


Redcap™ Chemical Splash Eye Wash Station

Redcap™ Phosphate Buffer Solution and Chemical Splash Station


Redcap™ acid and alkali eye wash reduces:

  • Flushing time
  • Volume of fluid required to treat a patient
  • Patient discomfort
  • The risk to a first aider

Using a phosphate buffer solution to neutralise the affected area means the first aider has protection from becoming a secondary victim through contamination.

Redcap™ Phosphate Buffer Solution and Chemical Splash Station ensures there is a quick and efficient product to help first responders deliver treatment.

The bottles are easy to squeeze. This allows for irrigating the eye or skin in an easy and efficient way. The risk of severe injury caused by acid or alkali is reduced by Redcap™ Phosphate Buffer Solutions through their ease of use.

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*we recommend continuing flushing the affected area with water or saline eye wash until medical help arrives