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Cotec Finger Protection Tape (Pack of 12 Rolls)

Protects fingers, hands and wrists from minor injuries and abrasions in industrial processes, packs of 12.


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The Cotec Finger Protection Tape protects fingers, hands and wrists from minor injuries such as cuts, burns and abrasions.

The tape can be used in any industrial operation where unprotected skin can be damaged. It can be applied selectively so that only the vulnerable area needs to be covered. This reduces the cost while improving operator comfort.

Cotec Finger Protection Tape sticks to itself and does not leave any residue.


  • Prevents cuts and sore fingers
  • Protection against hot parts or mouldings
  • Prevents finger prints on glass or polished surfaces
  • Prevents product contamination by body oils and acids on fingers
  • Guards against thread burns
  • Quick to apply
  • Open gauze allows skin to breathe
  • Applying further layers increases protection

Size: 2.5cm x 27m rolls

The Cotec tape is supplied in packs of 12 and is available in Green and Blue colours.

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